Richard Delauer
Bakersfield CA 93307

Ricahrd D. DeLauer, at the time of being honored with this award was the president of Orion Group, Ltd., an aerospace and advanced technology consulting team. He was undersecretary of defense for research and engineering from May 1981 until December 1984. Prior to his appointment by President Reagan, DeLauer was executive vice president for TRW Inc.'s systems and energy activities. He joined TRW in 1958, following a 15-year career as a naval aeronautical engineering officer. In 1960 he was named director of TRW's Titan ICBM ballistic missile program, and by 1970 his responsibilitys had grown to encompass the duties of executive vice president. He joined the board of directors in 1972. DeLauer was also a director of Cordura Corporation and the co-author of two books, *Nuclear Rocket Propulsion* and *Fundamentals and Nuclear Flight*, and served as visiting lecturer on nuclear rocketry UCLA.

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