Rollin Eckis

Rollin Eckis had a distinguished career in geology and oil exploration, beginning with his studies at Pomona College (AB 1927) and his research at Caltech (MS 1930). He joined the Richfield Oil Company in 1937, after working for California¿s Geology Division of Water Resources and for the Texas Company. Eckis joined Richfield¿s newly organized exploration department as district geologist for the San Joaquin Valley where he discovered the North Coles Levee oil field near Bakersfield. Many other significant oil reserves were found under his direction, including the Cuyama Valley fields and reserves in several areas of Alaska. During these years his responsibilities increased to chief geologist, manager, and vice-president, and eventually to president of Richfield in 1962. When the company merged with Atlantic Refining Company in 1966 Eckis served as a director and executive vice president of ARCO until his retirement in 1970, and continued as director until 1973. A Fellow of the Geological Society of America, Eckis served as a member of the Pomona College Board of Trustees, and of the Board of Overseers for the Huntington Library. Dr. Eckis passed away in 1999.

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