Sandra Loh
Alviso CA 95002

Loh is a performance artist, with her exploits covered by national media. Her first humor collection, the best-selling <i>Depth Takes a Holiday: Essays From Lesser Los Angeles</i>, was published in 1996, which also published her first novel, <i>If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home By Now</i>. Her critically-acclaimed solo show, <i>Aliens in America</i>, played first off-Broadway and then to four months of sold-out houses in Los Angeles, and one segment of that show won a 1995 Pushcart Literary Prize. Loh has written for a variety of national magazines, was a regular columnist for <i>Buzz Magazine</i> and commentator of NPR's <i>Morning Edition</i> and <i>This American Life</i>. Her weekly radio address, <i>The Loh Life</i>, and the daily <i>Loh Down on Science</i> are heard on KPCC.

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